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August 16, 2007


Okay, so yeah, I stopped watching Law & Order a couple years ago, but recently started watching the re-runs on TNT in the afternoons.

Hey, what can I say? You know I'm a sucker for Chris Noth, and I love Jerry Orbach. And it can be a great way to get a Fred Thompson fix.

So just now I looked the show up on the NBC website, and whatwhatwhat? It's on Sundays now? And where the hell did Dennis Farina go?

By the by, when Husband and I were watching the aforementioned re-runs, he nearly fell out of his chair when Michael Imperioli appeared on the screen.

And on the funny side, last night we saw one of those TD Waterhouse commercials, and Daughter started yelling "That's the guy from 'Long Orders' Mommy!" when Sam Waterston was talking.

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Posted by Groovyvic at 07:28 AM | Comments (1)

I liked the old old L&O's when Michael Moriarty was still on. I watched a season or so after that, but then lost interest.

On a side note, Sam Waterston recently celebrated his 117th birthday! /smirkiness

Glad for you it sounds like the GERD is improving! I have it too, to what sounds like a lesser degree than you have. I have to stay away from spicey foods and such, and being Italian that's not easy.

Posted by: david drake at August 16, 2007 05:19 PM