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August 23, 2007

Bad Attitudes?

Tuesday night was the second annual kick-off (or cook-off as I've been calling it) for the school district.

We, the kids and I, didn't go. I had an appointment to get my roots done. Priorities!

But I did talk to my friend, I'll call her Underdog (she'll know why), and I read her the above article, to which she said "I didn't see any of that."

She also went around and tried to talk to other parents about the state of our school district, and she got a lot of "It's the same every where else."

Oh yeah? So how come when I was driving through other parts of OH yesterday I came across a school district with not only a new school building, but a sports complex as well? Someone got a levy passed, or taxes raised, or whatever.

And the general attitude Underdog got from these parents was "Hey, my kids are shipped off for x-amount of time, who cares?"

Hells bells! I like my alone time as much as the next person, but my kids' education is a bit more important than whether or not I watch Law & Order reruns and the Food Network every afternoon.

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