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August 30, 2007

Another Season of Whiner Boy

There will be another nine episodes of Scott Baio Is a Whiner Boy...and 45.

Yeah, I admit it, I got sucked in, even though it had that scripted feel about it. I don't know why I felt compelled to watch it, I mean, I was always a Fonzie girl and I've never seen one episode of Charles In Charge. (I've never liked Willie Aames all that much, even if he did become "Bible Man.")

Anyway, so...didja see the season finale Sunday? After all those episodes of Scott whining and carrying on about marriage and boinking every blonde girl with boobies and partying with that obnoxious Johnny V (grow up, ya weasel), Scott "proposed" to his girlfriend Renee. He didn't even propose as much as he said "I'm ready to get married."

How romantic, Scott. Wah, wah, wah and all that.

Renee then announced "Guess what? We're gonna have a baby."

Oh the "deer in the headlight" eyes on Baio! Look out, ChaChi, you're actually going to have to man up now!

You know I'm going to be tuning in for the next season, if only to see how Scott Baio deals with those nighttime feedings and poopy diapers.

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