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August 31, 2007

Rumor Mill

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Underdog, and she told me about a school district employee who was FIRED after the ASS-istant Superintendent got wind that said employee was saying not so nice things about the #1 Superintendent.

At which point I started yelling:

"Oh that's just f*cking nice! Oooooh, so that's kind of like how the Left can say anything they want about Bush, Republicans, Christians, be as nasty as they want and get away with it. But when I rant and rave and vent, look out! I get a new butt-hole ripped for my troubles! Damn! Where's this man's freedom of speech? Hello? We should take a page out of the Left's playbook and start screaming about civil liberties being violated! Hate-mongers! Bigots! Censorship!"

I mean really.

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