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October 07, 2007

One of the Guys

So, the other night, whilst I was sitting in the school cafeteria at the PTO meeting, two of the ladies there were discussing childbirth. Specifically, weight loss. Things got a hair graphic, so I'll leave the rest to your collective imaginations.

Anyhoo, upon hearing this, I looked at my friend Underdog and said:

"Now do you know why I dislike hanging around with women? They're always talking about their ovaries or childbirth...and I'm done with that!"

Add to that the fact that women are catty, two-faced, and downright bitches.

I know my sex, and while I am all woman, I don't necessarily like hanging around them. Nope, never have. I prefer hanging around men, that way I can be myself. Oh sure, they kind of look scanty eyed at a woman who burps and talks trash, but hey, at least I'm not putting on a false front....like I have to do at church.


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