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October 09, 2007

On The Domestic Front...

So, yeah, some days it just plain sucks to be a housewife.

Take, for instance, yesterday. I had posted here that my dryer had once again pooped out on me, so while I made a grocery run I had Husband call the repair place to set something up. He told me no one would be able to come out until Friday. I sighed and shook my head; Husband just doesn't know how to deal with these people properly.

Oh well, thought I, I still have a washer and clothes lines, I'll just wash up what's dirty. So, that was a fine plan, seeing as how it was so damn hot yesterday, don't you think? Sure! Even eco-friendly! Until one of my outside clothes lines broke...sending my wet, very expensive king-sized sheets into the dirt.

Oh yeah, I said a few choice four-letter words.

Okay, we'll re-wash them and hang them in the basement! NO! The washer was leaking! DAMMIT!!

Long story short, I washed the damn sheets anyway and wrestled them on to the line in my basement. (BTW, have you ever tried to hang king-sized sheets on a clothes line? Not easy!)

So I'm thinking I have to wait until Friday, but I found someone who would come out today, and he did, and now everything is fixed!

I can't figure out why I'm so bloody happy to have my appliances in working order!

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