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November 04, 2007

What A Crappy Day

I hate time changes. My body is still on "fast time," so I was up at 6:00 a.m. and my body said "Vic! It's seven! Get up NOW!"


And I'm hormonal, which doesn't help.

Today was also my day to work in the nursery. But that's not all! I also had to schlep in the computer and projector because Husband had to work. See, he's in charge of the PowerPoint; we have the lyrics to the songs on a screen, and no one else but he and I seem to know how to set up the equipment. I mean really, male ends go in to female ends, how hard is that?

So, usually I only have one child, a two-year-old, in the nursery, but today a regular visitor came in late and dropped off her infant.

"She's a little sick, so if she's fussy, I'm sorry."

A-whuh? Did I mention that this infant is, like, three months old? And that I'm dead set against foisting infants off to the nursery, especially sick ones.

The two-year-old then started to whine ("I want my mommy!") and I tried to soothe an infant who was extremely gassy and refused to eat.

I thought to myself, what the piss? I could have stayed home and dealt with this horseshit.

Then all the preschool kids, including Daughter, were cranky. Grrrr...

Then! I had to rush back to tear down the projector and computer and pack it up! Everyone else was either gone or gabbing away, and no one had bothered to even attempt to turn anything off. I mean, how hard is it to shut the computer (it hibernates) and turn off a frakkin' projector?


And I had the mutha' of all headaches.

All this on November 4. What's the deal with November 4? It's the day my father was found, eleven years ago, dead in the garage. So I tend to be a little weepy to begin with.

At least Tombstone was on this afternoon. That was one of my dad's favorite movies; he even grew a "Wyatt Earp" mustache. He was so proud of that.

So, on this crappy damn day, I'm going to bed!

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