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November 05, 2007

Freedom Of Voice

Today I sent my letter to the editor of our local paper. They only publish letters once a week, so hopefully this will appear in Sunday's paper:

As a parent in the Edison Local School District, I’m very concerned about the recent developments between the teachers and the Board of Education. Why wouldn’t I be?

I support the teachers one hundred percent, and have no argument whatsoever with their intentions. My issue, rather, is with the Board.

I would like to know, where do the kids figure in to all of this? In the short time I’ve lived in this area, I’ve yet to hear anyone on the Board address any issues regarding actual students in this district.

Superintendent Carmichael, do you comprehend that the elementary years form a basis for a child’s attitude towards school and learning? Both of my children are in elementary school, and they love it. They have an absolute passion for learning! What happens to that passion if you, the Superintendent and the Board, insist on closing more schools in this district? I, for one, do not want my children crammed in like sardines because you have closed more buildings.

What galls me the most is that no matter how many times I, or any other parent in this district, try to speak up, we are ignored, passed aside, or even shunned from attending public school board meetings! My husband and I are both college graduates and are quite capable of adult conversation, yet I have never received answers to my questions or concerns.

My main concern is for my two children and, frankly, all the children in this district. Look around, Supt. Carmichael! Look at this area! Wouldn’t it be better to get your brain in gear and beef up education so that the kids can make a difference as adults? All you and the Board are doing is sabotaging any hope these kids have of succeeding in life. Without these kids, none of the schools in the Edison district would be receiving those “School of Promise” awards year after year!

Ms. Carmichael and Board, instead of blaming the parents and teachers for the problems in this district, instead of playing your game of chess with students, buildings, and teachers, put the kids first for a change!

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