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November 14, 2007

Strike Day 6

The superintendent is now going to pull the intimidation card and try to force us to send our children back to school.


More here.

I personally don't think I should have to try to excuse my kids' absence, but if I have to write excuses, both of my kids will have had a "personal illness."

From our NBC affiliate (and, IMHO, tool of the school board) more surveillance video has been released.

Way to not show bias, WTOV.

And the blurb from our CBS station, who interviewed students on the air (YAY!!) today.

Our local paper had this to say: "Edison Strike Enters Second Week."

I have a headache; it's just one damn thing after another! Last week the superintendent told us that, as long as we sent something in writing, our kids' absences would be excused. Now, because she's looking bad (and really, why shouldn't she?) she's trying to force our hands by intimidation.

Piss on that, I say. Don't mess with me or my kids!

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