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November 20, 2007


I am not Paula Deen. I really don't like to cook.

Somehow the Bible study group I'm in decided to host a soup exchange, and I've got to make literally gallons of soup. The recipe I chose (tomato soup with basil) really isn't that difficult, I just didn't make enough damn soup today! (You see, we freeze the stuff and then exchange it. Get it?)

So tomorrow I've got to hurry up and whip up another batch so I can get it into the freezer.

Did I mention that I also have to pack for myself and the kids so we can make that g**damn trip to see our families?

I'm much unhappy about that. If it isn't life shattering drama (and all those damn dogs) at the in-laws, it's massive guilt trips from my mother.

Add to that the nagging problem of the fan for the heater not always working in La Tahoe, and you can pretty much figure out why I bought a case of beer for myself today.

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