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December 12, 2007

What's My Name?

I spent this morning at the elementary school, which is something I never do. I had been asked if I would show up and help out with the annual Breakfast with Santa, and I thought "Why not?"

Why did I go at all?

See, basically, those of us that were there to help supervised the kids while they ate breakfast in the cafeteria while Santa walked around. Okay, so I did watch the kids, that was about it. At one point I sat with Daughter while she had a Pop-Tart and grape juice, and then I watched the third grade (Son included) practice their songs for the Christmas program.

Now, since I never got fingerprinted, I couldn't escort the students from their classrooms down to meet one-on-one with Santa. Why didn't I get fingerprinted, you ask? Well, mostly because I'm lazy, but also because I went through background check after background check in the Commonwealth of PA to get my teaching certification and whatnot...frankly I think I've invested enough to prove to the world I have a clean record.

So I sat and watched student after student sit on Santa's lap and then get a candy cane. Son's class came down and at one point a couple of the boys said "Hello, Mrs. Eiffel." I looked to see if my MIL was around (seriously!), and then addressed the boys in a similar fashion: "Good morning, Mr. Youngboy." They got a kick out of that.

But I sat there and thought "Holy crap! I'm freakin' OLD!"

Oh well, at least they didn't say "Hey dumbass!"

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