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December 15, 2007

Ban Teacher Strikes?

An OH senator (a Republican!) wants to place a ban on teacher strikes.

Several superintendents in this area gave voice to their thoughts, and here's what our horse's ass superintendent had to say:

Edison Local Schools Superintendent Lisa Carmichael stated she is “totally in support” of Carey’s efforts. She stated that teachers do provide an important service to the community and “if a strike can be prevented, it should be.”

Carmichael said she would hope other districts would never have to “experience what we experienced here.” She is referring to the recent eight-day teachers strike by members of the Edison Local Education Association in November, where 140 members of the ELEA picketed the five schools because of disagreements in health care costs and wages.

“I don’t believe anything good came out of it,” Carmichael said of the strike. “I’ve been thinking about it and there’s nothing good that came out of it at all and the students lost eight days of education.

“I am totally in support of (Carey’s) efforts,” Carmichael reiterated, stating teachers provide a quality, important service and need to be in the classrooms for the students.

Well sure, Lisa, you'd say that now. You didn't show this much concern or even seem to take all of this seriously when the teachers gave their strike notice. Interesting how you didn't even mention the kids and how this has affected them.

And "nothing good came of it." Yeah, Lisa, that means you and the BOE looked even more like a band of incompetent nincompoops.

BTW, there's a board meeting Thursday night, and I'm going to make every effort to be there, weather be damned. Word on the street is that our merry band of tricksters will be sneaking some things in before the two new BOE members join in January.

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