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December 22, 2007

Local Coverage

This article about the board meeting appeared in Friday's paper.

And here is Friday's article from another local paper. There is a better description of the issue regarding certain board members voting on contracts.

Two notable quotes:

"You know, I have never attended a meeting in two years where there was a discussion for the betterment of students, Cattrell said. Im getting kind of sick and tired of it myself."

And this from our now former board president:

Im here to pass a levy and get this district out of its financial problems, Taylor concluded. You pass that levy and bond issue in the spring and Karen Sue Taylor is out of here. Ill get a lawyer myself to draw up the papers and will sign them and Ill promise never to run for the school board again.

This woman, Karen Sue Taylor, also allegedly called one of the taxpayers a "bitch" because said taxpayer dared to speak up about certain things that have been going on.

Yep, that's professional leadership, huh?

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