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December 31, 2007

Rear In Review

So yeah, it's the very last day of 2007, and like a lot of people I'm taking a look back on the rear year that was.

Only a few things really stand out: my surgery in May; Daughter's very first day of school; Husband's promotion; the teacher strike and the never ending mess the district has become; issues Husband and I are having with our church.

Health-wise, I'm okay. Daughter loves preschool and counts everything she sees. Husband still really likes his job and thankfully isn't slated to go anywhere..yet.

As for the continuing school stuff, I've blogged about it here and will continue to do so, as I'm frustrated and confused as to what I should do for my kids. Should I open-enroll them? Home school? Private school? Do I stick it out in the district we're in? Raise my voice and fight for change?

Somehow that last statement makes me uncomfortable, since the last time I raised my voice I almost got arrested. But if the Libs can go around shouting and causing a ruckus, why can't I? Why can't I fight for change? Is it too late?

I haven't talked about the issues Husband and I are having with our church because I'm terribly conflicted about the way I'm feeling. You see, our church is what's known as a "church plant." We're new, small (no, we do not drink Kool-Aid or wear blue sweat suits or worship Tom Cruise....we're Presbyterians!), but the whole "be the church" concept is becoming a bit tiresome. Because we're such a small group, the things we're being asked to do are frankly burning us out. I don't feel like I'm being ministered to or getting any kind of spiritual guidance.

And yet I sit here and feel guilty and lazy for my thoughts about just resigning my membership. I can hear our pastor's rebuttal to anything I'd have to say..."Jesus was never comfortable," that sort of thing.

Well, I won't get all contemplative here. Let me just say that I struggle with this daily and it's influencing my mood.

Between the issues with the school and the issues with church, I'm ready for a rest!

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