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January 02, 2008

I Hereby Resolve...

I hate making resolutions, because by the second day of January (which is today) I wind up breaking them.

Last year I resolved to lose at least 10 pounds, which I did and then some thanks to the reflux diet and the surgery. I'm holding steady somewhere between 140 and 145, but I need to get off my arse and MOVE. Seeing as how we have such a long driveway, I'm going to do my best to walk up and down it at least once a day. Plus, it's free, and you can't beat that.

I also decided to start doing something pretty radical: floss my teeth. See, one year for Lent I flossed my teeth everyday. I figured instead of giving up something that's bad for me, I'd take up something that's good for me.

This isn't to say that I don't floss, I do, but just not as regularly as the Dental Association recommends. I figure my parents spent a lot of money of the orthodontics, I should at least try to hold on to these choppers as long as I can.

I've also (sort of) resolved to not be so negative around my kids. They pick up on that kind of stuff and I'm hearing them gripe and nag more and more...just like me. Jinkies!

And I'm going to try to stick with a Bible study/devotional this year, but we'll see how long that lasts. By the time I get some quiet time I'm usually ready to fall asleep!

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Posted by Groovyvic at 09:15 AM | Comments (2)

Bible Study!! That somehow made me giggle - no offense intended, but I think you know why...?

Posted by: PWRBRDR at January 3, 2008 09:02 PM

First of all, you should call yourself "Iron Man." I think you know why...?

And as for the Bible study, you got this started all those years ago, so be glad that something from my past has stayed with me.

Posted by: GroovyVic at January 3, 2008 09:08 PM