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January 22, 2008


Earlier today, around 11:00 this morning, I checked one of the local channels to find out what was going on, if they were running any of those "Snowbird" reports.

The weather changed so fast this morning! In the fifteen minutes it took me to get up to Kroger, the wind had picked up and there were snow flakes flying everywhere. By the time I left Kroger, 45 minutes later, La Tahoe was covered with snow! The roads were covered too, nasty, hence me turning on the TV.

Well, PM preschool had been canceled! Since Daughter is in the AM class, I wasn't too worried, until I got a phone call at 11:19 this morning from the school to tell me that, since there was no PM pre-K the buses weren't going to bring the AM kids home, and could I please come pick up Daughter?

Oh yeah, did I mention that morning preschool is over at 11:30?

Sure, says I, and make the dash to grab my coat, shoes and purse. It wasn't until I got into La Tahoe that I realized "Holy shit! It takes me 15 minutes to get there in good weather! How long will today take?"

It didn't take that much longer, but the side roads were kind of crappy. At any rate, I picked up Daughter and safely delivered her home.

But I wonder why they didn't just dismiss the rest of the kids early? They're not, by the way.

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