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January 25, 2008

Cow! Soooo Cow!

Okay, after a two hour delay start for school, I get Son on the bus and then proceed to snizzy over a back road to take Daughter to a friend's house while I was enduring my annual mammo. I only took said back road to avoid having to drive behind the bus.

So, I pass my neighbor's farm, and there's a cow with its rear in the road. And then a little further down there's another cow with its ass in the road. Well, cow #2 got spooked, because it jumped and started walking in front of La Tahoe.

A cow. In the road. Damn thing.

So I stop, throw La Tahoe in park (really, is it worth it to kill a cow and my auto so I can drive around without deodorant to go get my boobs flattened?), and grab my purse out of the backseat so I can get my cell phone.

"Are you going to throw it at the cow?" Daughter asks.


I called the friend who's house I was en route to and told her to call Cow Man and tell him his cows are in the road, with a third one making headway as well.

Well, the cow moved off the road and I was able to s-l-o-w-l-y make my way past, but only after Daughter reminded me not to hit the cow.

I mean, really. This is the fourth time I've seen someone's cows in the damn road. I haven't spent this much time worrying about cows since I used to hang out on my Grandad's farm.

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