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January 28, 2008


Yesterday, Sunday, I found out just how depressing my son can be.

For some reason, Son has acquired his father's interest in tragedies. I found some program on the Hysterical History channel about the Tunguska event (huh?) and Son was riveted.

After that was some show about the seven things that will kill us. Or seven things that will cause the end of the world. Or maybe it was seven reasons for GroovyVic to turn the forkin' TV off.

I said to Son: "Good grief, boy. We're going to die sometime, in some way, why worry about it now?"

That whole gamma ray thing freaked me out.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Titanic was on again yesterday.

Oh, the humanity!

By the time the ship hit the 'berg I'd had enough and found The Longest Yard, which I really liked, so we watched that and I laughed my ample arse off.


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