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February 04, 2008

Sick. Just Sick!

Son, that is. He's one miserable pup. He's also home from school today; Daughter went to school, though.

So, yeah, none of us went to church yesterday. And sure enough, Pastorman called at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. He could have been calling as a courtesy to see how we were, or he could have been calling to ream Husband a new one for not being there to run that damn PowerPoint.

What ever his motivation, we let the answering machine pick up the call.

I then ran to the phone to call my friend who also didn't go to church, and not only did Pastorman call their land line, he called their cell phone as well!

Hmmm...think the guy was just a hair pissy that none of us were there?

As my friend said, we shouldn't have to call off church the way we'd call off work. And she has a point! I mean, what the heck is next? Will we have to take in a forkin' doctor's excuse?

Needless to say, I think we're all avoiding the phone these days.

Yeah, I'm being a rude brat, and I don't care. Dammit all anyway, my kids have been sick and I'm not going to drag them out if I don't have to. My husband just got home from a week out of town, not to mention the month-long prep for that week out of town...he's tired and wants to decompress. We shouldn't have to offer up excuses.

UPDATE: I'm taking the kids in to the doc later this afternoon. Daughter is complaining that her ear hurts, and as long as I'm taking her in, I'm going to have Son checked out as well.

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