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February 05, 2008

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep. Son is cough cough coughing away, despite the prescription cough medicine the doctor gave him.

Oh yes, I took both kids in to the doctor late yesterday afternoon to find that Daughter has another ear infection. One more, says the doc, and it's ear tubes for her!

"I don't want to go back to that ear doctor's office!" I said.

"Oh, I've heard that people wait three or four hours at least" the doc replied.

"At least" I confirmed.

Really, folks, the procedure itself (actually getting the tubes) isn't even that bad, ten minutes tops, and Daughter is fine after about a half hour. It's that slow, painful wait in the ENT doc's waiting room that will kill you.

Anyway, so Daughter is on antibiotics again. Son has a cold, but the doc prescribed that cough syrup to help Son sleep, and in inhaler for during the day, to break up the gunk in Son's chest.

The doc also prescribed regular beatings. You know, "beating" the kids on their backs to loosen up the crap in their lungs.

So now I'm all worried, a mother's job, and I can't sleep. Everyone else is sawing logs, but I'm wide awake.

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