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February 06, 2008

Not Gonna Do It

I was going to say something about the Grateful Dead members hooking back up to support Barack Obama, but why bother. Those guys can support Obie if they want to, it's free country (at least for now).

I even like a couple of Dead songs...but I'm no Deadhead. Nope. Ask anyone.

If Chuck Norris can support Huckabee, why can't the Dead support Obama?

I don't like anyone on the GOP side. Nope. Ask anyone. Not happy with those contenders.

Although I will say this: Hillary apparently was one of the senators who fought to get Guard and Reservists health insurance, yet now she says she'll garnish wages if we don't buy into her universal health care.


That's just crazy talk.

Anyway, it's Tom Brokaw's birthday, and I really don't care about that; it just gives me the excuse to post this:

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