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February 13, 2008

Now We Get Snow

Where in the bloody hell was all this snow back in December when I wanted it? Who ever heard of a "White Valentine's Day?" Sheesh.

Today is the second day of no school for Son. Daughter hasn't been to school in a week, with all those two-hour delays and what not. (Remember preschool doesn't meet on Friday.)

Are the kids going stir-crazy? Not so much. Believe it or not, we've all been tapping on our laptops (yes, one for each of us); Son has found some science and math sites he quite enjoys, and Daughter is hooked on Starfall.com.

Husband went back to work yesterday after his ten day break. He couldn't get his car up the driveway last night because of the snow/ice/snow, and then couldn't get the tractor out to plow because the battery had died.

As for me, well, I may be the only one going crazy, since I haven't been alone since...um...February 1. The fact that I had rabid PMS all weekend didn't help matters much; Sunday night found me whipping Husband with a hand towel, screaming at him to "leave me the hell alone, goddammit!"

And the younglings have a four-day weekend, what with teacher meetings and President's Day. (How nice that my kids get a break on my birthday!)

Seeing as how I won't be going anywhere, I'm going to get a straw and sit down with my pot of coffee.

Good day!

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