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February 18, 2008

Bubba Came To Town

BillyJeff Bubba was in town yesterday.

(I was home all day, so you can't pin anything on me!)

I find it hard to believe that a cop ripped a sign out of someone's hands. Was it someone under Sheriff Fred's command or the Steuby cops?

Put yer bullet back, Barney!

Interesting to hear that there were protesters at the rally. Interesting still that in the above linked article a commenter referred to them as "abortion nuts."

What? Like if McCain or Huckabee came to town there wouldn't be a passel of screamers going on about...Iraq?

Hello Pot! Here comes Kettle!

(And I wouldn't go see McCain or Huckabee, for that matter. I'm disgusted with the GOP candidates.)

Here's another link to more butt kissing coverage of Bubba's visit. This one has all kinds of video.

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