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February 21, 2008

"The Plan"

Coverage from the local newspaper about Edison's plan for the district.

My kids are still in elementary school, so I'm not as upset as the parents of those kids facing a move to the high school.

Like I said before, I asked Monday night what would happen at the elementary school my kids are in now, and was given all kinds of assurances that there was plenty of room.

In short, smoke was blown up my arse.

Look, I'm not stupid, I realize that this district is in financial hell, and I can even understand having to close another building. But what happens in twenty years when all these buildings have been closed and no levies or bonds have been passed? There's lots of land out here to be developed, and it's cheap (which is why we built here). I can only imagine that as more people discover this due to the "Burb of the 'Burgh" advertising campaign, something has got to change.

I mentioned to another mom today that in twenty years we'll be the old timers, bitching about voting for levies and what not, having had bad experiences with the administration, much like those folks now who are still bitter over stuff that happened thirty years ago.

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