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March 05, 2008

Primary Hangover

No school today on account of flooding, so I have some extra time to fart around with this here blog.

So, yeah...McCain. I honestly don't know who I'd rather have as the GOP candidate, so I won't say anything.

Hillary took OH. Well, good for her, I guess. What ever.

Locally, the animal shelter levy passed. I voted in favor of this; even though I don't want dogs or cats in my home doesn't mean I don't care.

And that jail levy! What the hell is up with that? It failed to pass again! (I also voted in favor of this; I like to keep my criminals jailed.) If anyone from my area is reading this, could you please explain why Fred keeps getting shafted? Is there corruption going on?

What am I talking about, there probably is.

This sums it up:

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