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March 06, 2008

Paranoid Much?

This morning I drove the younglings to school; it's Daughter's snack day and I didn't want her to have to haul 24 cups of applesauce in her Disney Princess backpack.

I'm funny that way.

Anyhoo, so Son and I walk Daughter to her classroom, and there's the teacher. I did the usual small talk "good morning" thing, and said to the teacher "I'll see you on Tuesday," as that's when I have a conference with her, "I have something I want your input on." (Impending closure of the middle school, fifth and sixth grade moving to the elementary school, stuff like that.)

She says "I have some stuff I'd like your input on as well."

Which hits my paranoia button. Has she found this here blog? Believe me, she could have, seeing as how there's a link to it at the website for concerned taxpayers and parents in the district. Did she happen to wander over here and read what I said about slipping a recorder in to Daughter's backpack?

I know, paranoid. I haven't, and I won't, record the woman. I just keep thinking that DAMMIT! This is my little corner of the al-Gore Internets, why can't I just say what ever the hell I want (within reason, that is) and be left alone? Do I have to take up the Liberal battle-cry of FREE SPEECH! LOOK IT UP!

I know, stop jumping to conclusions. It was hard to be rational when I hadn't had any coffee.

Oh, to hell with it. Dammit all anyway. I shot my mouth off and have been accused of causing turmoil in a church, why not move on to a school?


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