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March 17, 2008

Stay Low! Show ID!

I wound up taking Daughter to the doctor this afternoon, and it wasn't until I was halfway there that I realized I'd be driving through an area that just last week was the scene of gunfire.


Just a month or so ago there was a stabbing in the same area!


And I have to drive through this area to get to the doctor's office.

*shakes head*

Well, we're both fine, and Daughter checked out to just have a cold. You see, I got worried about her, what with her history of ear infections and what not. I'm trying to make sure Daughter avoids another ear infection....or it's the tubes again. While the actual procedure wasn't all that bad for her, the wait in the ENT doc's office is excruciatingly painful. We're talking at least a two hour wait.

So, yeah. This explains why I broke down and did what I hate most: got to a pharmacy counter to request "the cold medicine they keep behind the counter." I hate this. I find it plain stupid that I have to present my ID and have the pharmacist take down all my info. I actually looked the guy in the eye and said "I have no intention of making meth, nor do I intend to overdose my child. And this is stupid."

The guy actually agreed with me.

I guess the humiliation of flashing my photo ID was worth it, because the stuff actually worked at clearing Daughter's congestion. Hopefully she'll make it back to school tomorrow.

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