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March 31, 2008

Wow! Forty-Five Already?

Tomorrow marks General Hospital's 45th anniversary.

"Vic," you say with disgust, "why in the hell would we care about a soap opera?"

I'll tell you why: this is the show that gave us the concept of the "super couple." That's right, before there was Bo and Hope, Josh and Reva, Patch and Kayla, Beth and Lujack...ad nauseum...there was Luke and Laura.

Oh what a pair that was! Remember the romance of the duo dancing around the department store to "Fascination?" The wedding? Her return to Port Charles the day Luke was inaugurated as mayor?

Rick Springfield? John Stamos? Hmmmm.......those were heady days when we'd rush home from school to swoon and drool over those two.

Anyway, yeah, has sort of hit suck levels of late, with all that mob stuff, Sonny and his "coffee business," Carly, who makes me look like June Cleaver...

But in the end, who cares? It's the one hour a day I get all to myself, to sit and look at pretty people with problems unrelated to me. No teacher strikes or church issues for these characters, oh no. Brain tumors that cause hallucinations, mob wars, trampy bitches in cheap red heels (oh wait, that could be me!)....all done without one hair out of place or a pimple on the chin!

Happy Anniversary, GH!

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