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April 17, 2008

"Hell In A Handbasket"

That's how one of the parents here refers to the recent happenings in our beloved deteriorating school district.

Oh yes, the poopy is hitting the fan once again, and our merry band of NINCOMPOOPS are sitting on their thumbs, doing naught.

Let's start with: a high school junior who is not only stalking his ex-girlfriend but has threatened to kill his entire class.

Or how about the sexual assault on a school bus that involved preschool children?

Maybe you'd like to hear about the kid in Son's class (third grade, remember) who brought a knife to school. Yeah, he "forgot" he had his dad's knife in his pocket and was showing it off at lunch. The kid has been suspended for two weeks.

Let me tell you about just yesterday, when I picked Daughter up at school. I followed procedure -signing her out and all - and could have walked out of the building with her and no one would have noticed. The secretary noticed just as I was leaving the office ("Oh, is that your daughter?") and that was that. Never mind the other door out of the office that I could have used and not been seen at all.

Hmmm...perhaps you'd like to hear about the Kindergarten student who fell and bashed his head on the playground, came back into the building bleeding, and no one did anything. The child went home and complained that he was dizzy and sick to his stomach; apparently his teacher didn't notice all that blood?

Edison Local, you are really screwing the pooch, but then our high heel wearing, bleached out superintendent has no kids, so maybe she doesn't quite comprehend, I don't know, safety.

There's a school board meeting tonight, which for me is always good for a laugh. Really! It's like freaking vaudeville, what with the one board member who makes more faces than Jim Carrey.

Yeah, you band of assholes spend $12,000 of damn transportation software, but don't you dare worry about protecting the kids!

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