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April 18, 2008

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

...it's back to the doctor we go.

This time it's Son, who woke up with a sore throat and a low-grade fever.


As for Daughter, she had a temp of 101 when I left for the school board meeting, and at 3:00 A.M. she was up coughing. She felt really hot, although that effing temporal scan thermometer said she only had a temp of 99. I put a cold wash cloth on her forehead, dosed her with some Motrin, and this morning she seems to be doing better.

But now I'm getting it...and I'm tired from running around the house in the wee hours.

Husband slept through the whole thing...and is now up at his mother's.


Sometimes I get so fookin' tired of handling all of this! Husband got the effing day off, and he's running to his mom? WTF? It would be nice if, I don't know, I had him here to help out, someone else to worry with me, someone to take over for an hour so that maybe I could get some rest of my own.



Anyway, so yeah. Maybe I'll take the kids out for a bite before I take Son to the doc. It's shaping up to be such a beautiful day.

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