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April 20, 2008

Health Update

A commenter asked how the younglings are doing, and the prognosis is: much better.

I took Son to the doc Friday and he was tested for strep, which he doesn't have. I felt like a real paranoid dumba$$, but after last year's dance with strep I wasn't taking any chances.

The doc took a listen to Daughter's lungs while we were there, and sure enough she's got fluid in her lungs. He prescribed an inhaler and frequent smacks on the back. We are, unfortunately, quite used to this procedure.

Anyway, so yeah, as of today (Sunday) things are on the upswing. We stayed home from church, because who wants to sit in church with a couple of kids that sound like they're barfing up a lung?

And! Now the SciFi channel is showing Doctor Who, so we watched that Friday night, and then BBC America has the Doctor on Saturday, so we were happy to just curl up and spend some time with David Tennant.

(Can I just say that I'm not at all happy about Martha leaving the Doctor?)

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