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April 22, 2008

Color Me Thrilled

Last week I went shopping and bought a pair of Levi's. Now, admittedly, I didn't try them on, but save my receipt. I just got around to trying those jeans on today.

They fit! They actually fit! They weren't even tight; there's room!

These are size 12. Now I know, to most that size would seem like a fata$$, but I haven't been able to squeeze myself into anything smaller than a 14 in Levi's.

As I put those jeans in my closet I thought about where I was a year ago, and I've got to tell you, for all the hell I went through with that surgery, the results as far as the weight loss and not having heartburn were well worth it.

And the thing is, even now I have that "always full" feeling. Seriously! I always feel like I've eaten a big meal, and I can't possibly eat anything else. Therefore...I'm still losing!! Weeee!!!

So look out all you high school alumni, I'm going to look fabulous! Eat your hearts out, punks!

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