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April 26, 2008

Sometimes I Hate Owning A Home

The past two days have been nothing but a headache for Husband and me. Let's start with Thursday, shall we?

I ran the dishwasher, no biggie, and later that day unloaded the clean dishes. I noticed there was water still sitting at the bottom of the dishwasher, so I thought "Duh...maybe if I run it through a rinse cycle the water will drain."

And it did. All over my kitchen floor!

I called a repair place and was assured someone would be out that day (God bless them). Well, the repair guy could find no reason why it wasn't draining, but there was a gasket leaking, and he'd order a replacement, but I can still run the dishwasher.

"But your motor sounds like crap," he informed me.

"But...but...but it's only four years old! It's always sounded like that! It came with the house!"

"Well, it's run for that long, my advice is run it until it dies instead of replacing the motor."

Which now leads me to the stunning realization that the builders of this modular home don't necessarily use the high-end Kenmore appliances.

So yeah, there was that, and the cold shower I took Thursday night. I figured I'd used too much hot water while I did the laundry that day (but I'd mainly run cold water loads, getting all the winter coats washed up to pack away).

By yesterday, I said to Husband (who got a day off to take delivery of our super cool new television) "I'm not panicking, but there's no hot water."

Sure enough, bad element, he was able to fix it, all is well again, but we still didn't have hot water in time for me to shower last night, and I stink!

On the plus side, we now have hot water, a new TV, and my kitchen sink is clean (I was prepping for having to do dishes by hand, ya see).

I just hate it when all the little things pop up. This afternoon I'm going to sit on my kitchen floor and watch the dishwasher when I turn it on, as I'm still kind of sideways on that bastard. I told Husband, if it starts spewing out water again, I'm getting a new dishwasher!

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