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May 15, 2008

Honesty Is The Best Policy

So, Son's trip to the recycling center landfill dump was rescheduled for yesterday (Wednesday) because Monday was cold and rainy. Turns out I could have kept him home Monday because all they did was watch videos.

Yesterday Son gets up for school, and it's rainy and gross looking; I said "Son, just stay home! If you guys don't go today, all you'll do is watch more videos because the teachers have nothing planned."

"But Mom, then you'd have to send in an excuse and I'm not sick and it's wrong to lie!"

At which point I thought "Damn, Husband and I must be doing something right."

No, Son would not be swayed, go to school he would and he did. They did go to the dump, but had to come back to the school for lunch because it started to rain. And they watched videos. Oh well.

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