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May 17, 2008

Never In The Afternoon

People think I'm crazy for going up to le Mart de Wal so early in the morning. See, my kids get on the bus at 7:57, and as soon as their heinies are on board I'm off! I can be up to the Wal-Mart by 8:15!

And there is no one there. Well, not many people, that is.

So I can get my shopping done in peace, without someone standing in the middle of the aisle having a gab fest.

(Really, go to any Wal-Mart in the country and there is always at least two people standing right in the middle of an aisle yakking away. And they don't move.)

Yesterday Daughter and I decided to trek up there after the PTO meeting. (Yes, I went to a PTO meeting; there's an entirely new crew heading it up, and it's going to be a lot better now than it was.) Anyhoo, I wanted to get a new PS2 controller, so there you go.

My GAWD! You people are rude in the Wal-Mart! Someone even growled at Daughter: "Get outta my way!" To a four year old!

So, yeah, cram that up your bunger, I'll stick to going to the Mart in the wee small hours of the morning.

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