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May 22, 2008

On The Homefront

Well, Daughter has three days of preschool left. Well, technically....she'll be doing another year of pre-K for 2008-2009. Age cut-offs, you know.

Big news: gas is one cent away from $4/gallon. I guess big oil talked to consumers? They found that, to paraphrase, we're not willing to give up our SUV's or solo commutes. Well, I don't worry about a commute, but look, I'll give up my SUV if you give me the $$$ to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle. I get sick of curtailing my travels and spending out my a$$ for fuel.

So sure, I'll give up La Tahoe. You'll just have to haul my rear up my very long, very steep driveway when those pregnant roller skates you call cars can't make it.

It's going to be very interesting trying to plan stuff to do with the kids...and this possible trip to D.C.? $hould be very intere$ting.

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