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June 08, 2008


I hate Pittsburgh.

No, actually, I hate my husband, and would you like to know why? Because he wrecked La Tahoe today, that's why.


(Not actually my Tahoe, but pretty darn close.)

See, we were approaching the Fort Pitt tunnel, merging into the left lane, and the Honda in front of us was slowing down. Husband commented on that, and he was braking, but it seemed like we were moving and that Honda wasn't.

"Holy SHIT!!" I said, and then BOOOOOOM! My baby hit the Honda.


Within seconds I made sure the kids were okay (Praise the Lord they are fine) and grabbed my insurance card out of the glove compartment, all in the time it took Husband to pull over.

Can you believe the dude in the Honda made a big deal over a rip in his spare tire cover?

"Oh, your effing tire cover! Look at my front end, you a$$hole!" I muttered. Husband took care of everything; if it had been me, trust me, there would have been words.

That is my first baby! My first "big girl" purchase!

We still went to the game, and I seethed the whole time; I was mad enough to down two beers and not feel a thing.

On the way home, though, I ripped into Husband:

"You drive this like it's your Mazda, you always have, and you just can't do that! This is a lot heavier than that damn Honda Pilot we hit, it can't stop on a dime! It's like an effing bus!"

"But," Husband rebutted, "I'm so used to driving my Mazda. You try going back and forth between vehicles and see how you do."

"I call BULLSHIT! Don't give me that lamea$$ excuse after I've had this thing for eleven years! That's plenty of time to 'get used to it.' Why do you think I don't like driving in heavy traffic? Because I go slower due to how big this thing is. That's why I told you I didn't want to try driving the Tahoe to D.C."

So I'm calling the insurance man tomorrow, something Husband at first didn't want me to do, but after I mentioned insurance will partially cover a rental, he agreed. He even, get this, tried to get me to wait until July so it would coincide with our D.C. trip.


Oh yeah, the game was fun, and the Pirates beat the Diamondbacks 6-4.

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Posted by Groovyvic at 05:22 PM | Comments (2)

Note to self: never drive Vic around.

Posted by: Wyatt Earp at June 8, 2008 06:39 PM

Not in my Tahoe, at least. Wyatt, you'd do better carting me around in a police cruiser!

Posted by: GroovyVic at June 8, 2008 08:02 PM