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June 15, 2008

Just What He Wanted

If Husband had a blog, he'd probably post something about his Fathers Day being just what he wanted it to be. I pretty much told the younglings that what ever we did was dad's call, just like Mothers Day was my call.

So, we had a quiet morning; while I was on the phone with my own parents I noticed that, at 8:50 A.M., Husband was playing video games with the younglings, at which point I told my mother "I guess we're not going to church."

No, and not long after that Husband turned the game off and found that The Shootist was on. Well, twist my arm; we both sat down and watched until I decided to get a shower.

Husband decided we'd do something we hadn't done in a while, which is to basically get lost. We drove Wonder Wheel - after Husband put air in all four almost flat tires - and took off. It was fun to be in Husband's smaller, zippier car, even without air conditioning. (La Tahoe, which looks like it's sneering now, sat forlorn and lonesome in the garage.)

So yeah, we farted around the country side and then had lunch, after which we took the kids to a nearby park to play. Daughter ran into one of her little buddies from school, and Son ran around like a maniac.

After a rest, we packed back in to Wonder Wheel (and put more air in the tires) and went to the local whippy dip for ice cream. Free sundaes for dads! Well, I got the sundae, but still, it was free.

A good day, exactly as Husband wanted it.

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