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June 17, 2008

Auto Blogging

Yeah....picked up that rental car last night and am now driving a Suzuki Forenza.

It's small, zippy, fun to drive because it's small and zippy...but I confess to being used to my land yacht of a vehicle. I wonder if my a$$ will get scraped off from riding rightonthedamnroad!

I never realized just how high up I usually am until I pulled up next to a Ford pickup. I looked over and was all "Holy $hit!" because I was, basically, looking at the bottoms of the dudes tires.

The worst, absolute most asinine, part of the whole day was trying to back the damn rice burner out of the effing Thrifty parking lot. Some dumba$$ parked in such a way that made my backing up very nerve racking. Admittedly, this is something that would have caused me to hyperventilate had I been driving the Tahoe, but I managed to get out yesterday without incident. But I was still hyperventilating.

But, in the future, if you happen to see a red Tahoe parked five miles out in a parking lot, you'll know that's probably me.

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