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June 19, 2008

DON'T Rock The Jukebox

Just in time for my drinking binge class reunion, 14 Songs You Should Never Play In A Bar.

Let's break it down, shall we?

14. I used to sing this song when I heard it in the bars and it was popular all those years ago. Yeah, I tried to fit it into Erie geography and thus sang "Until the sun comes up over Greengarden Boulevard." I was drinking heavily.

12. I remember hearing this during my freshman year at Cesspool of Liberalism University of Pennsylvania. Yeah....I drank heavily.

11. Ick. Just...ick.

10. I love Skynyrd, love this song, but I wouldn't play it in a bar. If you are in or are an Alabama native, though, play away.

9. Journey? Seriously?

8. Again...ick.

7. Can we all agree to just get rid of this song all together? I hate this song, I always have.

6. No. Just ignore this song when or if you see it in a jukebox. Walk away.

5. Hate this song. Hate. It. It makes me angry. Hate it!

3. Agreed, but because I also hate the Beatles. *ducks*

2. Okay, I agree with this one. Play Billy Joel, but how about "Big Shot"?

1. All right, I never want to hear this song ever again because it reminds me of my late father. He had this album and liked this song a lot. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad playing this song...and I can't listen to it without bawling my face off.

Thankew to Agent Bedhead for the link.

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