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June 26, 2008


I am so sick and tired of that effing Lego Indiana Jones game! I'm about ready to take the f*cking thing and hide it from the kids.

The kids! All they do is scream at each other while they play it! This morning Daughter actually threw a fit because she didn't want to play as some male character. I've had it!

And then there's that "I'm bored" attitude that the kids have. What the f*ck? Am I supposed to f*cking amuse them for this whole f*cking summer? Jesus H. Christ, gas is over $4/gallon and I'm supposed to fire up the damn truck to haul their ungrateful asses all over f*cking Jefferson County?

F*ck no.

Why is it, all those years ago when I had summer vacation I found things to keep my busy? Why the hell can't my kids put on their damn shoes and go outside and run around? No amount of encouragement on my part seems to motivate them to do much of anything.

And those people in Wal-Mart thought I was crazy for wanting the back-to-school shit put out NOW.

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