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November 18, 2005

I finally grew a spine

This one will appeal to the parents out there.

Yesterday I was talking with my mother, as I do every day, and she asked if my kids could stay at her house while we are visiting next week. I told her that I've already planned on the kids staying with her on Friday night.

"What about the other nights?" she whined.

So I said, get ready: "Mom, those kids are going to be all tired and cranky Thursday night. They won't have napped, will be all wound up, and probably won't have eaten anything. Do you really want to deal with that? No, they'll be staying with us in the hotel until Friday when they come to your house."

"Okay, I concede. You're right, and I wouldn't want to deal with cranky kids either" said my mother.

WOOOOOOOO! I finally, after all this time, stood up to my mother! It felt good, too.

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