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November 18, 2005

"Red & Blue"

Did anyone else see that show on the Discovery channel last night? A family from a blue state and a family from a red state switched places. The blue family went to LA and the red family went to Topanga, CA.

They focused a lot on the blue state family's experiences in Clinton, LA, but it was interesting nonetheless. The Libs got to experience a Presbyterian church, firing weapons, a down home diner (with smoking, which set the obnoxious 20 year old daughter into a fit), and the long haired son voluntarily, voluntarily, went to a military discipline center. I mean, the kid went through what most new recruits in Basic go through, and his parents were in the background boo-hooing.

The Conservatives, on the other hand, were in Topanga, CA, a hippie settlement, I kid you not. They walked Venice Beach, remarked over all the anti-Bush gear, and even went to an anti-war protest.

Like I said, they spent a lot more time focusing on the Lib family's experiences, but at the end they came together after Katrina. The blue staters went down to LA to volunteer, and the mothers of the two families formed a friendship.

I wish I could link to some info, but the website for the Discovery channel isn't cooperating with my slow connection speed. But you all go over there, see if you can find out if they'll be showing "Red & Blue" again anytime this weekend.

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