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October 08, 2005

I need a history lesson here

I finished that book last night; wonderful, I really didn't want to finish!

But, okay, here's where I turn to you, the public, for a history lesson, and I'll do a bit of investigating on my own, but, um....anyone know if they smoked weed back then? You know, rolled up a fatty?

See, there's a character in this book who has glaucoma, and she had been told to smoke hemp. She had some, dried of course, and proceeded to rolll a tidy joint. And this character was also blind. But she blazed up a doobie, right there in 1776.

Now, I know this stuff has been around for a while, but a joint? Really? Wouldn't they, I don't know, smoke it in a pipe or something? Where the heck would they get ZigZags? Hello, roach clip?

Hey, it isn't that I've never smoked the stuff, I have, although I never did it that much. And I inhaled! I don't know how one can smoke and not inhale, but I digress.

I keep hearing lines from Dazed and Confused, you know, where that stoner guy is talking about Martha Washington meeting George at the door with a big, fat bowl. And there's weed on the money! It's green too!

So, if any of you know "the history of the doobie" share the info. I'm just curious, but I have to think if someone is going to put it out there in a book, there must be some truth to it, no?

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