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October 07, 2005

Postponing the Inevitable

I'm almost done with this book. It comes in at 992 pages, so I've had ample opportunity to savor this over the last (almost) two weeks. I, along with a lot of other fans of this author, waited four years for this, and personally, I wasn't going to just whip right through it.

So I'm blogging about this book in order to put off actually finishing it. I mean, I will, I want to, but I hate to. Anyone out there know what I mean? You get so into a book, the characters...it all just becomes, I don't know, so involving, that you hate to have to say goodbye!

My consolation here is that I hear Ms. Gabaldon is going to write a seventh installment in this series, which will then afford me the opportunity to go back and read the first six all over again.

I love to recommend books to people, so I shall provide the titles of the novels in this series, beginning, as usual, at the beginning.

Dragonfly in Amber
Drums of Autumn
The Fiery Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
The Outlandish Companion
- this one is non-fiction, but it explains a lot about how the author came to write this series

Go to your library, or hit Amazon!

If you do go out and start reading these books, let me give you the advice to just stick with it. Some of the novels start off a tad slow, so don't give up. It's worth it to stick with the story. If you do, trust me on this one, you will fall in love with it!

Take it from GroovyVic. Would I steer you wrong?

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