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October 04, 2005

Some Things...


It seems that, while I've drifted away from talking politics on this here blog, I can't seem to escape it in the real world. I had emailed a...um, er, well...at this point an acquaintance of mine, to ask him a question. He's a teacher over in PA...someone I used to know fairly well, but we hardly talk anymore. He's a Lib, enough said.

I had a pretty valid education question, which he answered, but then shot back with "I won't say anything about you know who who started all this crap with no child left behind."

Damn. I had said from the get-go that I didn't want to get all political, and now here we go again. I've really tried to back off with this guy, after we got into a fight, via e-mail, and we both said some hurtful things. (I will never apologize, though, for saying Kerry looks like what's under a horse's tail.) So I really didn't want to start anything now. But why worry, I ask myself, as I will probably never see this guy again.

So I called him "Cindy." To which he comes back with something about listening to my elders and a feckin' "I told you so." Booger!


You know I have SiteMeter here, and I like to go check out where in the world my "audience" is and how they get here. Sometimes I'm amazed at the locations, and how the found my little corner of the blogosphere. For example, someone keeps looking for beheading videos...and ends up here.

I don't believe I've ever posted nasty beheading videos here, have I?

And, if people want DoodleBop lyrics and stuff, why come here? I may have mentioned them some time ago, but puh-leeze.

I wonder if I posted that picture I found of Ewan McGregor naked how many visits I'd get. Oh, it's a good picture, too. Quite a...er...eh...lightsaber.

Well, that's it, for now. Still reading that book I got last week; it's like ice cream, I want to enjoy it!

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