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October 02, 2005

Erie Stinks

At least that's what I heard when I got there on Thursday. Apparently, people from Ohio to Buffalo were complaining about a "smell." My mother thought it was the waste water treatment plant, but it turns out that Lake Erie "burped." All those high winds stirred up the uck on the bottom of the lake. Um, okay...I didn't smell anything unusual.

The trip up was fine, uneventful. For the most part, the whole trip was fine. Friday my parents and I took the younglings to the zoo, and then while Daughter napped and Son tried out his new bike, I went to visit Sugar Booger, my former hair stylist, and then did a little shopping. No big whoop there.

Saturday I took the kids over to the in-laws, where Husband was spending the weekend. We hadn't been there a half hour before everyone's least favorite sister-in-law showed up with her yucky children. I took both of my kids upstairs and we all took a nap. I completely avoided SIL and didn't feel bad about it. She's a character, that one.

The best part of Saturday was that Elvis called! I haven't talked to him in over three months, and he called my cell phone because I'd left him a message tellling him I'd be in town. It was nice to talk to him after all this time; we had a lot of catching up to do.

Today I went to the cemetery to see my father. Today would have been his 64th birthday, so I paid a long overdue visit after getting some beautiful autumn flowers. I arranged them just so on his and my grandparents' stones, and then sat down and had my usual cry/talk/prayer thing. My dad has been gone almost nine years and I still break down every time I go to the cemetery.

So, we're home now, tired and ready for bed.

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