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September 29, 2005

Have a good weekend...

I'm outta here in a less than two hours to head up to Erie for the weekend. I've got to pick Son up at school and so forth...

I'm not looking forward to this trip, but you all knew that anyway, but now less so because my sister had to go and piss off our mother, and now I'm going to get the attitude from Mother all weekend. *sigh* I guess every family has a big mouth...

I'll make sure to post on either Sunday night or Monday about anything interesting or eventful, but I really doubt anything that exciting will happen.

Here's something to ponder, though: Ben Asslick, whoops, Affleck as the next Donk Senator from VA. Sheesh. I don't know...I'm glad I don't live in VA. Have we forgotten that the man can't act his way out of a paperbag? Yeah, let's send that boob to D.C. What a wanker.

Okay. I need to go make sure I packed my toothbrush and what not. Blahblahblahblabbbbbpth...

h/t: The Llama Butchers

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