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September 14, 2005

Baby Talk

Okay, I just had to post this little episode from my domestic life:

Last night the younglings were watching Husband play Revenge of the Sith on the PlayStation, and to say they were riveted would be an understatement. Husband got to the very end, to the fight on Mustafar, and this time, Anakin kills Obi-Wan! Anakin gets his new lightsaber from Darth Sidious and then Anakin shish-kabobs the old man, turning to the Clones and announcing "The Galaxy is mine!"

Nice twist...

Thus, Husband has unlocked the bonus missions, where he can use Darth Vader (the man in black) and Ben Kenobi to fight. Pretty cool, we thought, but Daughter went crazy. Vader is fighting Ben Kenobi (ala Episode 4) and Daughter is bouncing up and down yelling "Go Pot-ide, GO POT-IDE!" Now, she's rooting for Darth Vader, and it sounds like she's cheering on for Aparthied...but it's really a combination of "power of the dark side" somehow translated by a two-year old tongue.

Now, can you picture that? My kid, blonde curls flying, cheering on Darth Vader?

Yeah, I know, we're big old Star Wars geeks around here...

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