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September 13, 2005

Looking Better...

The latest edition of Elle Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Perhaps you've seen it on the out there...Britney Smears is on the cover, post-"makeover" or what ever. I do not like this girl, I never have, but I will say that she looks a hell of a lot better in this mag. At least she looks like she's taken a bath and washed her face. And all that stragglin' blonde mess has been cut and styled. Yeah, Brit, keep washing your face, especially now and after that kid comes out. Trust me.

Ooooo, my hair fell out in gobs after I had kids. Ha ha ha ha ha....Bald Britney. Too funny.

I laugh because these damn magazines act like celebrities are the only women who have babies. I hate that. Now I read somewhere that Brit has gained like, a metric ton or whatever, "eating for two." Aw hell, I was pushing 200 lbs. by the time I had Son...like women don't gain weight?

Seriously, I'm annoyed that this annoys me, and I'm annoyed because I'm actually paying attention.

I just hope, pray even, that we aren't subjected to photos of Brit breast feeding. Some things should not be photographed for the world to see, and NO this is not an anti-breast feeding thing!

UPDATE: I read Brit's interview...my gawd, this girl is a dumb as a box of hair.

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